Monday, April 14, 2008

Is Ray Comfort Lying for Jesus?

I am totally of the opinion that the Christian Fundamentalists who are responsible for the lies and distortions of the creationist movement are of the opinion that lying for Jesus is totally acceptable, because if you tell a lie that "leads someone to the truth", then it's a good thing.

For the rest of Christians, including Ray Comfort and his peanut gallery, however, the answer is far less flattering -- the explanation that they are not really lying, but are simply that ignorant of science.

I mean, I honestly do not believe that Ray was lying when he made up the bananna argument. He was just completely ignorant of the history of human agriculture as it relates to how mankind has deliberately cross-bred bannana plants.

I do not believe that the vast majority of people who make the "second Law Of Thermodynamics" argument against evolution are deliberately lying -- they are simply quoting other creationists blindly, and are totally ignorant of the rest of thermodynamics, and science in general.

But the producers of Expelled, the Discovery Institute, Phillip Johnson, and others who invent the chameleonic and pretzel-like explanations of Creationism, are deliberately lying for the cause of evangelism. They are so concerned that people accept the literal meaning of the King James English Bible, as the ultimate truth, that they are willing to invent lies to get the lesser-educated Christians to have nonsensical arguments to throw around and constantly get into the news, and into Public school PTA meetings, and to generally waste the Public's government actions on.

The problem is that pretty much everyone on Ray's blog, Ray included, are just not well educated enough on science, logic, and reason to know the difference between science and junk that is made to resemble science. So far, The quotes that Ray has used -- like the ones from non-creationist biologists, are all quote-mined and cleverly trimmed out of context to say the opposite of what their authors actually wrote -- and others have pointed that out and shown the original quotes to prove it.

The problem I see is that when we show these things, and prove the lies and deceptions -- Ray and his peanut-gallery just ignore it -- because that is the standard reaction to being owned by the facts. Just ignore those who "persecute" you with "inconvenient truths" and dreaded documentation...

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GamingAsshole said...

But lying is commanded in the Bible. Oh wait...