Friday, January 2, 2009

Six Simple Questions for Creationists

Here are questions that creationists have never really given answers to. Several of them are pretty important, and without giving any answer to them, Intelligent Design and Creationism can't be considered scientific. I refer of course to the questions about the theoretical and peer reviewed background of Intelligent Design. Let the answering begin. I have posted this on several Christian groups to see if anyone tries.

  1. List at least one scientific acievement by any member of the Intelligent design community, which contributed scientific support of the concept of Intelligent design.

  2. What peer-reviewed articles have given support to intelligent Design?

  3. Name one discovery or paper made by a supporter of Intelligent Design that has been useful in furthering our knowledge of science via Intelligent Design.

  4. A scientific theory is understood to be "A testable model capable of predicting future occurrences or observations and capable of being tested through experiment or otherwise verified through empirical observation." Where has someone published a theory of Intelligent Design?

  5. What scientific evidence is there for Intelligent Design? Note: Evidence cannot simply be a criticism of the Theory Of evolution.

  6. Michael Medved, a Research Fellow at the Discovery Institute (the main promoter of Intelligent Design) Said:
    "The important thing about Intelligent Design is that it is not a theory - which is something I think they need to make more clear. Nor is Intelligent Design an explanation. Intelligent Design is a challenge. It's a challenge to evolution. It does not replace evolution with something else."
    In light of this comment, is he correct or incorrect?